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Wallonia – the heir to so many influences, an unsung treasury of cultures, values, and cuisine.
An insight that led me to found the Génération W project with the help of two enthusiasts, Jean-Luc Pigneur and Benoît Cloës.

The aim of Génération W, a collective which was formed in 2012 with nine other chefs, personally selected on the basis of their reputations, their creativity, and their dedication to their region, is to promote our cuisine, our skills, and our people.

But this is not an inward-looking movement; it is open to the strengths of chefs, artisans and producers who share a philosophy defined by a charter for development.

Individually and working together, we are Ambassadors for the Wallonia of the future.

Looking forward to seeing you in our homeland!

The chefs

Guardians of Wallonia’s Gastronomy

The founders

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The chefs

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Culinary Wallonia


The talents are on your doorstep! With this map, discover Wallonia’s dense network of producers, artisans, chefs and young restaurateurs that have signed up to Generation W

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